One-third of Los Angeles School District students tested positive for coronavirus.

About a third of Los Angeles schoolchildren, whose school system is the second largest in the United States, did not return to classes after the holidays, the Los Angeles Times reports.

According to the publication, we are talking about about 130 thousand students. All schools currently remain open for full-time education, but their administrations have to retool classes due to the departure of a number of teachers on sick leave or in quarantine.

The absence of students in half of the cases is associated with a positive test result for coronavirus. Information about this was uploaded to the database of the local health system. Data on the reasons for the absence of the rest of the students are unknown: it may be about the presence of symptoms of coronavirus, a positive test, contact with the sick, or a desire to study at home due to the surge of a new strain of COVID-19.

Representatives of the Los Angeles school system reported that last week, when classes started again after the winter holidays, 17% of students and 15% of school employees were diagnosed with coronavirus during testing. Last Thursday, 15.6% of students and 13.3% of school employees also tested positive for COVID. Statistics show that the incidence of coronavirus, recorded by tests, is about 10 times higher than before the winter holidays.

Los Angeles has the largest coronavirus testing program in the country: more than 500,000 mandatory tests are conducted weekly for all students and school employees.

At the same time, despite the surge in new cases, fewer students who have come into contact with an infected person will be sent home to quarantine. This is a consequence of the new policy that allows you to continue studying if contact with an infected person occurred at school, and school employees know that both students were wearing masks at the time of contact.

According to officials, if the student “X” comes to class, being infected with coronavirus, all his classmates and teachers will be notified of the contact. However, no one other than a sick student will be automatically quarantined unless they develop symptoms. All potentially affected individuals will have to take a coronavirus test “within three to five days” from the last contact.