According to the fire service, part of a cemetery in one of the suburbs of Genoa, Camogli, went to sea due to a landslide. According to local media reports, over 200 coffins with the dead fell into the water.

The difference in height between the surface of the water and the edge of the cliff, judging by the firefighters’ photographs, can be estimated at a couple of tens of meters. The collapse, as noted, could have been caused by soil erosion, which strong tidal waves have exacerbated in recent years.

In a landslide, the newspaper la Stampa reports, a group of workers at the cemetery managed to escape. In addition to the burial sites, two chapels suffered from the displacement of soil masses.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon. Firefighters, police and coast guard officers arrived at the scene. They set up underwater barriers to prevent the coffins from moving away from the shore and climb them into the cemetery.