The US special representative for Venezuela believes that the leader of the democratic movement Juan Guaido remains the most popular Venezuelan politician.

The United States has not changed and is not going to change its policy towards Venezuela, as evidenced by the firm position on the Venezuelan problem of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. The US special representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams stated at a briefing at the State Department.

“We believe that we have the right policy. We think – we are confident that the Venezuelan people support us. You saw it when hundreds of thousands took to the streets on November 16 to demand change and protest against the ruling regime,” Abrams said. “So the policies you see, the economic pressure, the diplomatic pressure, the attempt to get more countries in this region and Europe to join the efforts to restore democracy in Venezuela, these policies will continue.”

The special representative told reporters that he did not agree with the view that the wave of democratic protests in Venezuela is weakening. He also noted that, according to opinion polls, democratic leader Juan Guaido, whom the United States and several European and Latin American countries have recognized as the legitimate head of Venezuela, enjoys significant popular support.

“I think the Venezuelan people will not accept that their destiny and their future is to live forever in hunger and poverty, under the yoke of a brutal dictatorship,” the US diplomat said.

Abrams noted that while the regime of Nicolas Madura manages to hold power thanks to repression, as well as due to the ongoing economic and political assistance to the dictatorship from Russia and China.