Actress Courteney Cox repeated a scene from “Frie.

American actress Courteney Cox, best known for her role as Monica Geller in the sitcom “Friends,” repeated her dance with a Turkey on her head. This scene has long “gone to the people”: the number of memes and gifs with a Turkey on your head can not be counted.

The scene where Monica dances with a Turkey on her head has long been divided into memes and gifs. And this even though the series was released in 1994-2004. In a new video from Instagram, the actress first wished everyone a happy thanksgiving and then said: “If I see at least once again how I dance like a fool with a Turkey on my head, I can bite.”

Although she is already fed up with Turkey memes, the actress does not deny that this is already a holiday symbol. So she decided to repeat a scene from the series.

In 10 hours, the video has collected more than two million views.

Friends is an American comedy television series about the lives of six friends. One of the most famous projects of the 1990s is recognized as one of the best comedy series in American television history. The project and its creators have won numerous awards, including six Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe award. By the way, last year, HBO announced the release of a special episode of the series “Friends.” However, due to the coronavirus, filming had to be postponed, and it is currently unknown when this series will be released.

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