They have been talking about the romance between Adele and rapper Skepta for a long time, but these conversations have not yet been confirmed. And the 33-year-old singer herself stated that she was single, as if refuting rumors of a romantic relationship with the 38-year-old singer.

But the other day they flared up with renewed vigor – the couple was spotted together while shopping in California. Eyewitnesses said they saw them together at a Prada discount store in San Bernardino. According to buyers, Adele helped the rapper choose clothes.

“She sat and watched him while he chose sweaters, pants, jackets and coats, and asked the staff to help him. She appreciated his choice and said that, in her opinion, he sits perfectly on it. It looked very cute – she was just waiting for him and seemed like an ordinary girl, waiting for a guy who chooses clothes. He shopped for about 45 minutes”, eyewitnesses told.

What exactly the couple did in that area is unknown. However, insiders have speculated that they may have been spending time in the nearby town of Palm Springs over the US Independence Day weekend.

After a divorce from her husband Simon Konecki, from whom the singer has an eight-year-old son, Angelo, Adele has not yet been seen in a new relationship. But insiders say that they are really close with Skepta and often spend time together.