After the final match of the European Football Championship, in which the Italian national team defeated the English national team, 39-year-old Meghan Markle was remembered in social networks again. Recall that the outcome of the match was decided by a penalty shootout, in which the Italians were stronger.

After three dark-skinned English footballers were unable to convert the 11-meter, which led to the defeat of the England national team, they began to be poisoned on social networks. Moreover, their insults were racist. Prince William, who attended the final with his wife Kate Middleton and seven-year-old son George, decided to intercede for the athletes. He tweeted that he was sick of racist insults and said that everyone involved should be held accountable.

The scandal has forced netizens to recall another high-profile story, when William’s daughter-in-law Meghan Markle publicly revealed that she was often exposed to racism while living in the UK, including from the royal family. Then the Duke of Cambridge did not support her and did not promise to look into the situation, only briefly replied that they were “not a racist family.”

This is what netizens began to recall to him, who noted that Megan was telling the truth.

Megan was right. Here is the proof. Here it is, the tweet.

Where was such agility about Megan?
Your activism must be consistent, William. The whole world sees how you feel about Megan.
Megan would like to speak to you, William.
That being said, Meghan immediately fell out of favor when she started talking about racism, right?
Meghan Markle deserves an apology
– Twitter users write.

By the way, Italian fans have a clear sympathy for the Duchess of Sussex. They brought their national team flag to the stands, on which it was written “Megan is one of us.” And some even noted that this victory was for Meghan Markle and was her unintentional revenge.