Amazon has begun testing AI cameras in delivery vans to improve driver safety. The workers called it surveillance.

Amazon uses a camera created by startup Netradyne, founded in 2015 by two former senior Qualcomm employees. The camera is called drivers – it has four lenses that capture the road, the driver and the entire interior of the car.

It is equipped with software that can detect 16 security issues. For example, if drivers are distracted, speeding up, braking abruptly. According to one of the drivers, cameras can tell when a person is yawning.

In certain security breaches, cameras will beep to alert you to slow down, keep a safe distance, etc. The cameras will record video continuously, but upload footage to a “secure portal” available to Amazon and its DSP partner. they will only be in case of one of the 16 violations.

We invest in the security of all of our operations and have recently begun implementing industry-leading camera-based security technology across our entire delivery fleet. This technology will provide drivers with real-time alerts to help them stay safe while on the road.

Deborah Bass, Amazon Representative

Not all drivers are happy with the innovation. In their opinion, the cameras are unnerving and work only as a “punishment system”.