Computer vision based device helps shooting games.

A device has been developed that helps the user to accurately aim at the enemy in computer games.

The developers declare that this cheat cannot be detected by any protection, since it does not violate the integrity of the game files, which is typical for software cheats. The device can be used with both PCs and consoles. That is, in fact, it is impossible to somehow define a cheat and punish the player for it.

The device is called CVCheat: it needs to be connected to a computer or console via HDMI, so the gadget can track the frames transmitted by the video card to the monitor.

Further, the device, using artificial intelligence and machine vision, launches an object detection algorithm to “see” enemies on the gamer’s screen and determine the location of the character’s body parts. The fact is that the CVCheat software is able to determine the head, body and legs of the enemy: you can even adjust to which part of the body you need to adjust the sight.

A more advanced version is already in development that will offer a fully automated aiming and firing process and will work with any PC game, as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The hackers estimated the pro version of CVCheat at $ 50. According to its developers, it works effectively in games displayed at up to 240 frames per second. And it takes only 10 ms to identify the enemy on the screen and fire a shot.