The new system based on artificial intelligence (AI) can fully debate with a person, evaluate his arguments and express his ideas. The system can do this even without access to the Internet.

IBM has unveiled Project Debater, an AI development program focused on how it sounds. The researchers explained that some systems, especially those that focus on games, determine clear winners and losers based on scores of numerical criteria such as pieces captured, lives lost, and so on. However, a completely different set of skills is required for discussion.

A new article in Nature describes the results of a 2019 test that took place between Project Debater and professional speaker Harish Natarajan. AI and individual debaters discussed whether or not to subsidize preschools. Each side was given 15 minutes without additional internet access, which Project Debater used to navigate its own internal content database.

The researchers evaluated the AI’s ability to debate with humans. A baseline rating of 5 meant that the system “strongly agree” with the speaker, and 1 meant “strongly disagree”. So scientists found out that the system is capable of developing arguments and evaluating the statements of the opponent. You can evaluate the capabilities of the IBM project in the thematic podcast here.

Earlier, researchers at the University of Waterloo of Canada updated the system of prostheses and exoskeleton – they now use cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) for more natural human movement. The ExoNet project has a video captured by an AI-powered camera. The device monitors how people adapt to special movements, depending on the environment.