Google AI has learned to embed or style photos in the artwork. The company noted that any user can do this in a minute.

In order to use the capabilities of AI, users need to download the Arts & Culture app for iOS or Android and select the Art Transfer mode. After you take or upload a photo, select one of the dozens of styles with which you can change the image. You can convert the whole photo or part of it. While AI will work on this, he will reveal interesting facts about artists such as Calo, Van Gogh, Edward Munch and Leonardo da Vinci.

“Many Google Arts & Culture experiments show that art and technology can be combined”, said Michelle Luo, product manager for the company. “Artificial intelligence, in particular, can be a powerful tool not only in the hands of artists but also of ordinary people”.

Art Transfer is based on an algorithmic model that does not just mix or overlay photographs. The company notes that AI creates a unique style for each photo, which is inspired by many classic styles. This does not require access to the cloud or the Internet.

“We are curious to see what you will create using AI, and we hope that it will bring you a little joy in this difficult time”, added Luo.