AI will help doctors predict the growth of patients with COVID-19 and allocate resources to them. This was written by the BBC with reference to representatives of the National Health Service of Great Britain (NHS).

Now the NHS receives a huge number of phone calls from patients complaining of symptoms of a possible coronavirus infection. Doctors do not have time to independently enter all these data into special databases and even recruit 250 thousand volunteers to help.

Artificial intelligence, developed by Amazon, Microsoft, and Palantir, will combine this data with information from other sources to predict which hospitals require an increased number of artificial lung ventilation devices, where to hire more medical personnel, and in which hospital room is vacated.

“Each hospital will think: do we have enough fans? We need to keep our own, because who knows what will happen. And in the next hospital people will die, because there are no free devices. And this is clearly not the optimal distribution of these devices”.


Artificial intelligence will analyze data on the number of free and occupied ventilation machines in all hospitals, the incidence rate among staff, as well as their occupancy, number of free beds of various types, length of stay of patients with COVID-19, and much more.