The YouTube platform will introduce a model that automatically adds chapters to videos. The function will improve navigation through the content for viewers.

The platform’s engineers explained that the YouTube video chapters would help users quickly navigate the content. Now the authors add them on their own, but soon they can be helped by a special tool based on AI. 9to5Google notes that YouTube is testing automatic, algorithm-generated video chapters that the model creates based on text.

The Internet giant is currently experimenting with automatic chapters for a “small sample of videos” and invites creators to abandon the feature, offering to write reviews on it.

The authors note that the AI ​​does not understand the less coarse transitions in the video. However, so far, the technology’s efficiency is around 70%. It will help authors and producers who do not want to waste time adding tags manually. Viewers will not have to look for the beginning of a video that follows a two-minute introduction.