The world online platform for finding rental housing Airbnb forces its division Samara decided to do their own projects in construction. Today, the Backward project was presented, which according to the authors ‘ idea will become a new word in housing construction.


The authors of the project presented on the website Samara, explain why they took up a new business: “We started with a simple question: what is a house that is designed and built for sharing, how it looks? Can the house respond to the needs of many residents over a long period of time? Can it support and reflect the vast diversity of human experience? Can it keep up with the speed of the world changing? Can we do this without filling landfills with unnecessary waste?” Airbnb is sure they can and know how”.

Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia said that the company has been studying and analyzing the housing needs of users of their Internet site for many years-how people travel, how their interests change over time, how new technologies change the desires and capabilities of people. All this experience will be embodied in the Backyard. “It’s not home. This is an attempt to rethink the house,” writes Gebbia.

So far, we are not talking about a ready-to-build project, although it is more than just a package of ideas. The work involved with many designers, engineers, masters of construction professions and construction professions, as well as lawyers, sociologists and marketers. But now at a crucial stage Samara waiting for staff reinforcements, calling all who are able to think outside the box and knows how to translate ideas into reality, to his team: “We spent a long time looking for exceptional people who love new challenges, creative and deeply interested in how the world comes together. We are always looking for those who can make our team even stronger.”

The first prototypes of new houses and entire blocks from Airbnb, the authors of the project promise to present for testing in 2019.