The European company Airbus is considered one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world and makes a great contribution to the development of aviation. As you know, aviation technology strongly pollutes the air, so many companies are developing aircraft with electric engines. In 2019, Airbus has already proved that electric motors can be installed on small aircraft, but it’s still very difficult to equip passenger liners with them. However, it is also possible to reduce emissions by reducing fuel consumption, which Airbus is engaged in as part of the Maveric project. As part of the Singapore air show, the manufacturer introduced a demonstration model of a passenger aircraft, which not only consumes less energy, but also provides people with greater comfort. The manufacturer achieved this by making the aircraft body more streamlined.

Airbus Maveric Airplane

Journalists of the American edition of Bloomberg believe that the new Airbus aircraft strongly resembles a spaceship from Star Wars. The novelty is really very different from the passenger aircraft existing today, because there is no sharp transition between its body and wings. On the contrary, it is very smooth and the fuselage and wings are one. Such a design scheme is known as the Blended wing body (BWB), but is referred to in the Russian technical literature as a “mixed wing” or “carrying fuselage”.

Passenger Airplane of the Future by Airbus

At the Singapore air show, only a prototype of an aircraft with a 2-meter length and a 3.2-meter wingspan was shown. His tests began in June 2019 and will last at least until the beginning of the summer of 2020. The final version of the aircraft will be much larger, and passengers flying in it will be able to land not only in the middle of the cabin, but literally inside the wings themselves. Engineers believe that due to the increase in the area of ​​salons, passengers will be able to sit on chairs as convenient as possible. Only now there is a possibility that people sitting in the area of ​​the wings will be severely rocked. How the company will solve this problem is not yet clear.

In the photographs you can see that the prototype has no portholes. So it may well be that instead of them, the company will put displays in the cabin to display everything that happens overboard.

The main advantage of the new aircraft body is that due to its smooth shape it will be less resistant to oncoming air. It is believed that due to its good aerodynamic properties, the Maveric will consume 20% less fuel. Consequently, the aircraft will produce less air polluting substances than the company and will make a small contribution to protecting the environment.

Airbus Maveric test photo

Looking to the future, the developers of the aircraft believe that the new form of the aircraft will make it easier to improve it. For example, a company will be able to test new types of propulsion systems and change the interior so that passengers are as comfortable as possible. In general, it’s high time for the existing equipment today to change the hulls and salons, which is currently happening slowly. In 2019, even the Russian Railways company showed new coupe cars with showers, safes and a kitchen.

When exactly the final version of the Airbus Maveric passenger aircraft will be created is still unknown. But it may well be that in ten years we will be flying on such aircraft.