Alex Rodriguez reacted negatively to Jennifer Lopez’s kiss with Ben Afleck

Alex Rodriguez cannot come to terms with breaking up with his ex-lover Jennifer Lopez.

51-year-old singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and 45-year-old baseball player Alex Rodriguez split after four years of relationship. The couple was preparing for the wedding, but after three postponements of the date of the celebration, J. Lo broke off the engagement.

The true reason for the breakup was not disclosed. Some speculate that Jennifer dumped Alex because of his infidelity with his assistant Margaret. Others believe that Rodriguez was the initiator – allegedly the baseball player dumped Lopez due to her constant touring. Ex-lovers said they remained friends.

Nevertheless, Alex Rodriguez is still worried about the photos in which his ex-fiancee kissing Ben Affleck.

“He thinks Ben and Jen love the fame they get. This is the girl he was supposed to marry. It hurts him to see Jen with another guy,” an insider tells In Touch magazine.

Affleck and Lopez attended their sister’s birthday together. Despite the fact that the couple no longer hides their relationship, Rodriguez thought he could get back in touch with Jennifer.

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11 thoughts on “Alex Rodriguez reacted negatively to Jennifer Lopez’s kiss with Ben Afleck”

  1. Alex, Get over it, move on. I couldn’t stay with a cheater either. Ben and Jen are older now, and had always gotten along. He loves Jen’s family, and they love her. They are moving on, and so should you. Don’t disgrace yourself, your an adult.

  2. You don’t know how to stay faithful to only one woman so you should just stay single the rest of your life. Unfaithful men should not be in a relationship at all.

  3. Only Alex and Jen know what happened in their relationship but I do hope everyone finds happiness because life is way to short.

    • Thank you…You respected both Alex and Jennifer. None of us know the real truth… what everybody else thinks they do…‍♀️

  4. I love the fact that Jen and Ben are back. Even though I am a nobody to them I always knew that one day they would be back together. You can just see the love in every picture. Too bad they lost all that time BUT they did marry great people and had beautiful children. On the other hand Alex can get anyone he wants as well so I wish them all the best!!!

  5. Idealised relationships eventually fail..
    The higher a person is up on ladder the
    harder they fall . The hard work is resolving the conflict. This is a repetitive pattern with Jen. Maybe therapy would help her understand
    her need to continue to repeat the same behaviour, causing her relationships to fail.

    • Infidelity on Alex’s part is not Jen’s fault. He needs therapy to figure out why he can’t keep his weenus in his pants.

      • Exactly. It’s a good thing he showed his real colors before it was too late. Jen and Ben are soulmates, twin flames, whatever you want to call it. They were destined to be together.

  6. Alex Rodriguez needs to get on with his life and let Jen go. Jen and Ben were engaged once and have rekindled their love. I hope it works out for both of them! Jen certainly doesn’t need another divorce and a failed marriage! Alex is very handsome and I hope he finds someone to fall madly in love with when the timing is right!

  7. Personally. I don’t think JLo and Ben are gonna make it….. her life style is just way to much…. and I’m not sure if he stopped drinking….. she should have looked into ARod Alittle better. And stayed on board!!!!!!! Hope for you JLo

  8. I think Jen is in love with the idea of being in love. Someone in her position should just not get married. She could be with whoever she wants without marriage. And someone like Alex who has problems with keeping his weenus in his pants should stay single as well.


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