The former lover of the American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, baseball player Alex Rodriguez, took away a supercar that he had previously given her for her birthday. This is the conclusion reached by the fans of the star after the photo he posted on Instagram, writes The Sun.

We are talking about a red car of the German manufacturer Porsche, which Rodriguez bought his beloved in 2019 in honor of her 50th birthday. It is noted that the athlete spent 140 thousand dollars on a gift.

In the photo, which appeared on the social network on Thursday, August 19, Rodriguez poses in a beige suit at the car, leaning on its hood. “I’m super down to earth,” he signed the post, which gained about a hundred thousand likes.

Some subscribers did not appreciate the action of the baseball player. “It’s cruel. You pose at the car that you gave Jennifer Lopez for her birthday. I’m laughing,” “How dare you take her Porsche from her?”, “What an unworthy act,” they said.

Rodriguez himself did not comment on the situation.