The baseball player is busy with more important things.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship ended this May. The singer started an affair with her ex – Ben Affleck. But Rodriguez has not yet found a new girlfriend, but he was happy to tell how he lives after breaking up with J. Lo, writes DailyMail.

It’s only been four months since the couple broke up, and Rodriguez is already declaring that he does not suffer for Lopez.

“I had an extraordinary life of five years in a relationship, through which my daughters and I learned a lot. Now we can use this experience to move forward and say, “You know what? We are very grateful for the past five years. How can we make the next five years even better based on the lessons learned?”

Rodriguez noted that he is now busy with his daughters from his marriage to Cynthia Skurtis – 16-year-old Natasha and 13-year-old Ella.

“I’m fine! And I am grateful to God for everything. I’m looking forward to seeing my girls grow up,” the former Jennifer added.

In addition to raising his daughters, Rodriguez is engaged in a campaign to promote young entrepreneurs.

“Hopefully I can open doors for other people of color, minorities, Hispanics and women. Now is the right time for that. Anyone can be president. This is the golden age of entrepreneurship and there are so many opportunities here,” said the baseball player.