Alexander Schallenberg took the oath of office as the new Chancellor of Austria today, October 11. The ceremony was held at the Presidential Chancellery in Vienna.

Thus, Schallenberg replaced Sebastian Kurz, who announced his resignation on October 9.

Before that, Schallenberg had been Austria’s foreign minister since 2019.

By the way, the new chancellor represents the conservative Austrian People’s Party (EPP).

The new Chancellor of Austria, Alexander Schallenberg, said that he did not expect that he would have the honor to lead the Austrian government.

“It is an honor to be appointed federal Chancellor. I never expected that I would get such an honor, and I never wanted it. I take on this task and the upcoming challenges with great respect. At the same time, there was no way not to take on this responsibility when Sebastian Kurz asked me last weekend if he could propose my candidacy to the federal president,” Schallenberg said in his first statement after assuming his new position.

He stressed that responsibility and stability are needed now, which the coalition government is ready to provide.

“People in Austria deserve to work in politics, not argue. And there is something to work on,” he added.

He also promised to work very closely with Kurz, calling everything else “absurd from the point of view of democratic politics.” He stated that he considers the suspicions put forward against Kurz false, expressing confidence that his non-involvement in corruption will be proven.

Despite his resignation from office, Kurz remains the chairman of the party and the leader of its parliamentary faction. Thus, he will continue to directly influence decisions within the framework of the current coalition government.