In June, Apple introduced a new version of its operating system, iOS 15, and its official launch took place towards the end of September. Now the analytical company Mixpanel has announced the next distribution results.

A few months ago, analysts said that upgrading to iOS 15 remains slow compared to last year’s iOS 14. However, as of today, 58% of all iOS devices have the new version installed. At the same time, approximately 36% of smartphones are still running iOS 14.

Note that although Apple is publishing data on iOS adoption, it has not yet done so for iOS 15. The latest data was released as of June 3, 2021, when 85% of all devices were running iOS 14.

Apparently, the slower spread of iOS 15 is due to Apple’s decision to provide users with the option not to upgrade to a new operating system. They can still continue to receive important security updates, but without updating to the latest major version of iOS.