64% of unvaccinated Americans doubt the effectiveness of vaccines against new strains of coronavirus.

According to a new opinion poll, 45% of Americans who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine say that they do not plan to be vaccinated in principle. Another 35% say they are less confident about resisting vaccination, stating that they “most likely” will not be vaccinated. This is stated in a study conducted by the NORC Center for Public Relations Research commissioned by the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, 3% of respondents said that they are definitely vaccinated, and 16% said that they are most likely to be vaccinated.

In addition, 64% of unvaccinated Americans who participated in the survey believe that they have little or no confidence that vaccines work effectively against new strains of coronavirus, including the highly contagious Delta strain. 86% of vaccinated Americans believe that vaccines work.

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, Rochelle Walensky, recently called the current surge in the number of infections in the United States a “pandemic among the unvaccinated,” because almost all people infected in recent weeks have not been vaccinated.

Kay Ivey, the governor of Alabama, blamed opponents of vaccination for the current surge in infections. Ivey, a Republican, called vaccines “the most powerful weapon we have to fight COVID.”

The main regulatory body of the European Union in the field of medicines has approved the use of the Moderna vaccine for children aged 12 to 17 years. The Moderna vaccine is already approved for people aged 18 and older. In a statement, the European Medicines Agency says that the protocol for using the vaccine in children will be the same as in adults – “two injections into the shoulder muscles at intervals of four weeks.”

The Center for Coronavirus Research at Johns Hopkins University on Saturday morning reported that there are a total of more than 193 million confirmed cases of COVID and more than 4 million deaths associated with the new coronavirus worldwide.