Amazon has created a service for releasing applications without Honeycode programming skills. The platform will compete with Google and Microsoft cloud products. Information about this appeared at CNBC.

The company expects the launch of such a service will help Amazon Web Services expand its reach beyond programmers. Honeycode can be used to create a variety of applications, including task scheduling and customer tracking.

Honeycode provides a visual interface through which users can create applications for a variety of purposes, including scheduling tasks and maintaining a customer base.

The platform is free for collaboration of no more than 20 users and up to 2.5 thousand lines of code. The subscription price depends on the amount of storage and the number of participants.

According to Amazon, longtime AWS customers Slack and SmugMug are interested in using Ноneycode. The service is currently only available in Oregon in the western United States, but soon the company will connect new regions.