The policy of the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden will lead the country to bankruptcy; the former permanent representative of the country to the UN Nikki Haley is sure. She wrote about this in a column for Fox News.

“America does not care about financial prudence or economic power, on which our national security depends,” the diplomat commented on the increased budget expenditures in these words.

According to Haley, the States are going through the worst times for such a policy, and now the future of America is under threat.

“Instead of defending our freedom and vital interests, President Biden and Congress are undermining the internal foundations of our global leadership,” she added.

The ex-permanent representative to the UN believes that now both parties in Congress are infected with a “pandemic of overspending”: budget spending is a third higher than the before COVID level, and the White House also intends to raise taxes by $ 2.5 trillion, which threatens to deprive the future of young Americans.

“We know how it will end: the bankruptcy of America,” Haley predicted.

She pointed out that the U.S. national debt has exceeded $ 30 trillion and has tripled in ten years, and it will continue to increase.

The diplomat drew attention to China “advancing on all fronts” and urged to invest in deterring foreign policy rivals — Beijing, Moscow and Tehran.

“The national debt leads us nowhere, but it comes from somewhere – and this is the American people,” the ex-permanent representative said.

She explained that by increasing debt and raising taxes, the White House deprives Americans of money. As a result, the States are beginning to lose economically. So, Haley noted that in the near future China will surpass America in terms of GDP.

The diplomat demanded to take expenses under strict control, stopping the payment of compensation and stopping “corporate dependency.” She also called for limiting trade with Russia, China and a number of other “enemies” and renegotiating deals with Western countries, Japan and India on more favorable terms for America. In early February, the U.S. national debt exceeded $30 trillion for the first time, which happened several years earlier than the U.S. authorities had expected. Among the reasons for such a rapid growth of the indicator is the accrual of various benefits to the unemployed and incentive payments.