The American aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford was tested by an explosion of an underwater bomb. According to The Drive, in this way, it was planned to check the reliability of all the ship’s systems.

According to the publication, a total of three underwater explosions are usually carried out for testing. The first took place on June 18 off the coast of Florida. The shaking it caused was 3.9 on the Richter scale.

The tests were supposed to show how the aircraft carrier’s systems and crew would react to a large explosion that occurred near the ship. Special equipment was installed on the ship, which was supposed to record the data of all systems, from the onboard computers to the nuclear reactor. The test was supposed to show how much the crew of the aircraft carrier is ready to repair the damage.

It is noted that the tests are also necessary to understand how the aircraft carrier will behave in the event of a successful attack. Test explosion allows you to find its weak points and eliminate them.

Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers are multi-purpose nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, which have been under construction since 2009. The first aircraft carrier of this type was commissioned into the US Navy in 2017.