American air carriers are facing a fuel shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic, Delta Airlines told.

“Aviation fuel over the past year in the conditions of the pandemic has given its place in the pipelines to gasoline and diesel. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, pipeline operators, and airlines should work together to enable suppliers to deliver fuel to airports,” Delta Airlines spokeswoman said. Company stressed that “thanks to the extraordinary measures taken by the Delta team, the situation did not affect the performance of flights.”

Another carrier, United Airlines, indirectly also confirmed the presence of a shortage, but referring to the fact that the problem affected the entire industry, recommended contacting the Association of Air Carriers of America. At the time of publication, the Association has not yet responded to a request.

As the CNBC TV channel reports, American Airlines has already warned pilots about the shortage of aviation fuel and asks them to save money.

“Delays in fuel supplies, which were previously experienced by cities in the west of the country, are now occurring throughout the country and are expected to continue until mid-August,” the publication quotes an internal document of American Airlines.

The lack of fuel, according to the company, is due to a shortage of truckers and supply disruptions.

To normalize the situation, the company delivers fuel to the airports where there is the greatest shortage. “As our country is facing numerous difficulties, let’s work together as a team to do this as reliably, safely, and efficiently as possible,” the company said.