Recently the company Electronic Arts announced the revival of Dead Space: the studio EA Motive will recreate the original horror from scratch, using at the same time previously rejected developments. And this event inspired the famous game designer American McGee.

According to him, this announcement “propels him forward in line” and his project Alice: Asylum. And if EA suddenly wants to make another horror, there is a chance that the company will remember the Alice series. And then McGee’s team will be ready to get to work.

Until now, Electronic Arts has never announced its desire to revive the iconic American McGee’s Alice series. And on the prequel Alice: Asylum, the designer and the team work “on a volunteer basis”: raising money through Patreon.

However, McGee’s project may not become a game, so far the game designer publishes mainly art, concepts, stories and illustrations. His goal – if not to interest EA in the game, then at least secure the rights to create games, films, books, comics and other works about the dark version of Alice.