The Writers Guild of America has named the best movies and TV shows of 2020. The list of Writers Guild Awards winners is posted on the organization’s website.

The Prize for Best Original Screenplay went to Emerald Fennell’s Promising young woman. The Best Adapted Screenplay award went to Sasha Baron Cohen’s comedy Borat II.

Among the series, the award for Best Dramatic Screenplay went to Crown, and the sitcom Ted Lasso became the Comedy TV Show of the Year. BoJack Horseman won the Best Episode in an Animated Series award for Episode 12 of the sixth season, PhotoCopy.

In January, the Critics Choice Association named the best films and TV series of 2020. Spike Lee’s war film “Five of the same blood” was recognized as the best action movie, and the title of the main action series in 2020 was given to the show “Vikings”.