Many companies are engaged in the development of flying vehicles, but mostly these are small aircraft for a small number of passengers. But the American startup Kelekona went further and showed the project of an entire bus that can accommodate 40 passengers and one pilot.

This is a huge air taxi for long-distance flights, which, as the developers assure, will be able to reach speeds of up to 531 km / h and cover the distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just one hour.

The model does not rely on huge wings, but on the special teardrop shape of its body with a flat bottom and rounded top. The vessel will be lifted into the air by four units, each including two duct fans with adjustable blade pitch. The blocks tilt to provide so-called vector thrust and move the bus forward.

These vehicles need powerful batteries to ensure long flight times. Kelekona says the lithium batteries will be quick-replaceable so they can be easily removed and recharged.

There is no real time for the release of such an air bus.