Readers of the Daily Mail commented on the results of a survey about who is more popular in the United States — Vladimir Putin or American leader Joe Biden.

The study was conducted by the Economist on the eve of the US — Russia summit, which was attended by 1,500 residents of the country. The results showed that 18 percent of Republicans are more favorable to Putin than to their president (14 percent).

“Let’s be clear: Putin is a more successful leader, he is absolutely sane. Therefore, he is far ahead of our sleepy president,” wrote a user with the nickname YaGotMe.

“Putin shamed America for its connivance with Antifa and the riots of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as for the fact that lawlessness went unpunished. Unlike Biden, sitting in his basement, and his merry crowd of politically correct liberals, Putin is not trying to destroy the United States,” the Tory Kingdom stressed.

“This is really not hard to believe, because, among Republicans, Biden has a zero rating at all, and among Democrats, it is not too great,” Hawk85 noted.

“What Putin has succeeded in doing is exposing America’s hypocrisy. In addition, to use a word that is often used in relation to Biden, he is very lively. It was a pleasure to watch the leader answer questions from reporters for an hour without any prior preparation. He looked strong and confident — and, believe me, I am not an active supporter of the policies of Putin and Russia,” the user NM gal said.

“Everything is very simple. Vladimir Putin puts his country’s interests first, but Biden doesn’t. This has nothing to do with the concept of betrayal. This is just an honest recognition of which of the two leaders is working effectively for the benefit of their own country,” the readers concluded.