In total, the amount of these claims is hundreds of millions of dollars, The Washington Post writes.

Companies in the United States that were affected by the actions of hackers are now facing consumer lawsuits. This was reported on Monday by The Washington Post.

The plaintiffs are filing class-action lawsuits, claiming that they suffered because of the weak cybersecurity system in these companies. In total, the amount of these claims already amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars, the newspaper notes.

One of these lawsuits was filed by the owner of a gas station (gas station) Eddie Darvich in the state of North Carolina. In May, the Colonial Pipeline Pipeline Company temporarily stopped working due to a hacker attack. As a result, Darvich was left without fuel and lost its profit. The owners of thousands of gas stations in the eastern states of the country found themselves in the same situation. And now Darvich is accusing Colonial Pipeline of a poor cybersecurity system, and his lawyers expect hundreds of other gas station owners to join his lawsuit.

Another lawsuit against the same company was filed in the state of Georgia. The plaintiffs accuse her of having to pay a higher price for gasoline in conditions of high gasoline demand.

The Colonial Pipeline transports about 45% of the fuel (including gasoline, fuel oil, and kerosene) consumed on the East Coast of the United States. Due to supply disruptions, a state of emergency was introduced in the state of Florida, and many gas stations were forced to stop working in some states. Excessive demand has brought retail gasoline prices in the United States to a record high level since 2014.

The company Scripps Health in the city of San Diego (California) also faced lawsuits. In April, due to a cyberattack, the work of computer networks in the hospitals of this company was paralyzed.