Americans estimated Biden’s statement on Afghanistan

Readers of The Washington Post negatively assessed the statement of U.S. President Joe Biden that he does not regret the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. They called the operation a failure and demanded to return the taxpayers ‘ money spent on it.

“Five hundred trillion dollars, 75 years and not a single victory in serious military conflicts. We could eradicate poverty, invest in education, cover health care costs, develop the arts, and give shelter to the homeless, and much more, using only a small part of this money. Where did all these funds go? They went to rich investors and bosses. Our government literally finances the rich,” a user with the nickname Are Trumps Taxes Still Under Audit was indignant.

“Afghanistan turned out to be too tough for us. Next time we should aim for some place like Saint Martin (an island in the Caribbean Sea)”, sic sember Trumpis said.

“Can we say that this is Biden’s fault, or is Trump somehow to blame anyway?” SoBored wondered.

“The government should return the taxes spent on all those instructors who were supposed to train the Afghan army. It is obvious that they did not do their job,” richardg64 noted.

“It took the United States four presidents, thousands of lives, trillions of dollars and 20 years to replace the Taliban with… the Taliban,” the readers summed up.

The day before, Joe Biden, speaking on Afghanistan, said that it was important for the United States to prevent a terrorist attack in its direction — and this goal was achieved. He also noted that he is saddened by what is happening in the Islamic Republic but does not regret withdrawing troops.

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