Readers of the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal attacked the US Navy after the congressional report on the situation in the fleet.

The authors of the document – retired Marine Lieutenant General Robert Schmidl and Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery – accused the fleet command of not paying enough attention to preparing for war. They also blamed the military leaders for the cultural crisis.

The reason for the report was a series of disasters and accidents in the fleet. The authors concluded that the leadership of the US Navy is busy with bureaucracy and receives merit for performing administrative tasks, not military successes.

Some readers did not agree with the position of retired officers, pointing to the huge budget of the American army.

“Yes, our military budget is three times larger than China’s and 15 times larger than Russia’s. Are you talking about those artificial military islands in the South China Sea? They say we can sink them in half an hour, ” wrote Thomas Bienemann.

However, the majority of users recognized the presence of serious problems.

“And this problem is not limited to one fleet!” wrote Marc Boswell.

Brett Ness pointed out that there are many hungry and homeless children in the United States.

“But we desperately need to stamp weapons so that military contractors continue to get rich? Very American,” she said indignantly.

“If you replace naval officers with doctors in the article, you will get the last half-century in American medicine,” commented Edward Hughes.

He noted that doctors are more engaged in administrative work, rather than treating patients, which is why the latter remain without the attention of specialists.

“Never before have we had so many unfit for combat service due to obesity. Add to this the aforementioned incompetence, and here is a recipe for disaster,” wrote Griffin Kurtz.

Bruno Schmalhofer expressed the opinion that in the event of a war with Russia or China, the attack will have to be repelled in a matter of seconds.

“And there are doubts that the decrepit president will cope with the new threat. Especially if a new virus hits us, computer systems will shut down, and the military will sleep on duty. Then all their “progressive” training will go down the drain. God help us!” he wrote.

“Alas, God was driven out of schools, the government, and almost everywhere, except for the rare church or home. He sees how little we respect him, so why should he help us?”  Max Corder answered him. Many readers criticized the political correctness in the American army at the present stage.