Americans were angered by Biden’s story about a Jewish wedding

Viewers of the Fox News channel were outraged by the speech of U.S. President Joe Biden, during which the American leader admitted that he had a “memory lapse.”

The head of the White House was confused, talking about the interfaith wedding of his daughter. According to him, the wedding ceremony combined Catholic and Jewish traditions. As Biden noted, the newlyweds and guests participated in a dance “where chairs are raised” (most likely, a Jewish wedding custom was meant).

“My memory has failed me now.<…> What song is played when sitting on the chairs upstairs? I can’t remember. There was exactly this song.  I’m taking up too much of your time,” Biden said.

Netizens criticized the president’s speech.

“This quote will definitely go down in history,” one of them suggested.

“It’s a little scary. It’s fun for us now, but it seems to me that he can be dangerous for the whole world,” they wrote in the comments.

“I am 64, and I have never been so worried about the security of our country,” one of the Americans complained.

“Of course, everyone can forget something like this song. But look at the beginning of his speech, he closes his eyes and tries to concentrate. Rather, it causes concern,” the viewer of the TV channel noted.

“I could have said that I forgot the song and continued the speech-then; probably, no one would have noticed. But he devoted much more time to this than was necessary,” the user summed up.

“At least he remembered that he has a daughter,” the comments were ironic.

Joe Biden repeatedly made mistakes during his speeches. In particular, he confused Libya and Syria, Iraq and Iran, and Barack Obama and Donald Trump. In mid-August, the head of the White House had to ask a journalist at a briefing to repeat a remark, part of which Biden had already managed to comment on.

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  1. The reason for President Biden’s seeming to close his eyes and concentrate is because he stutters. Sometimes he has to stop and concentrate on what he wants to say. It is not a sign of any mental lapse. Regards forgetting the name of a song, I have the same problem and I do not suffer from any metal problems.


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