Payments to American taxpayers in the fight against coronavirus will amount to a thousand dollars per adult, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in an interview with Fox Business.

According to him, 500 dollars will be allocated for the child, so that a family of two parents and two children will receive three thousand dollars. This payment will be a one-time payment.

“As soon as Congress passes this bill, we will make payments in three weeks, and then, in another six weeks, if the President’s national emergency regime continues to operate, we will allocate another three thousand,” Mnuchin said.
According to him, direct payments will make up to half of the appropriations of the more than a trillion-dollar bill that Congress is debating and which the White House called for as early as Monday.
Another 300 billion dollars will be allocated to help businesses so that companies do not lay off employees.

In addition, $ 200 billion will be spent on loans to affected sectors of the economy, including airlines.

This is the third bill to minimize the effects of coronavirus that Congress is debating. Earlier, Congress allocated more than eight billion dollars for this purpose, and then passed a hundred-billion – dollar package to help workers, guaranteeing paid leave to those who get sick with the virus. The current package of more than a trillion dollars is the largest in history.