Evermore amusement park owners are suing Taylor Swift. As you know, in December 2020, the singer released the music album Evermore, the name of which coincides with the name of the theme park in the United States.

Now the park owners want to sue the singer for trademark infringement, TMZ reports. According to representatives of the park owners, which is located in Utah, Swift seriously violated the law when she began to promote her new album and merch of the same name.

According to the owners of the amusement park, they have spent millions of dollars to build the facility, and have also invested in brand promotion and sales of goods under their own brand since the park opened in 2018. In Evermore Park, anyone can become a hero of a certain story and feel the real magic of transformation on themselves, the creators of the original idea assure.

The park’s owners say that since Taylor uploaded the album to the Internet, netizens are having trouble buying tickets to the park online or ordering branded merchandise. Also, the park’s site dropped significantly in its percentage of search results in Google search engines. This leads to confusion in the service market and significantly affects the profit of the enterprise.

The owners are sure that the pop star knew about the park’s existence but deliberately allowed this situation to happen. Taylor’s defenders are confident that this lawsuit does not pose a serious threat to the singer.

According to them, the CEO of Evermore Park has a multimillion-dollar debt to real estate companies, so the lawsuit is just a way to get money from the star and distribute debts. It is known that the owners of Evermore are demanding a huge amount of compensation from Taylor.