Amy Schumer, 39, was a guest-stars on Late Night with Seth Myers. The presenter asked the actress what it was like to be a young mother, and she answered ambiguously.

“This topic has always worried me because, before the birth of a child, you do not know how good a parent you will be,” admitted Schumer. – At one time I received excellent advice from Natalie Portman. She told me: “You have a lot more instincts than you think.”

The actress tested her colleague’s theory on herself and declared that it was false. “I realized that Natalie Portman is a big liar. Until now, my instincts betray me,” she shared.

Recall that Sumer first became a mother in 2019. She is raising a one-year-old son, Gene, who was born in a marriage to her husband, Chris Shifer.