Astronomer Alberto Caballero, one of the Exoplanets Channel founders, has discovered a possible source of the famous “Wow!”

In 1977, astronomers working with the Big Ear Radio radio telescope recorded a unique signal from space. It was so powerful and unusual that one of the team’s workers, Jerry Eman, called the signal Wow!.

No one has been able to trace the source of the signal or explain why it is so powerful and only lasts 72 seconds. One of the main assumptions about who may own the signal source is extraterrestrial life.

Amateur astronomer Alberto Caballero, while studying this phenomenon, reasoned this way. If the source were some other form of life, it would most likely live on an exoplanet or planet like Earth.

Following this logic, Caballero began searching the public Gaia database for just such a celestial body. As a result, he discovered a star (2MASS 19281982-2640123), which almost mirrors the Sun and is located in the part of the sky where the Wow signal originated. The astronomer notes that there are other possible candidates in the area, but 2MASS 19281982-2640123 is the most likely. Caballero believes that his research will become the point for new work on the search for exoplanets.