NASA said that a huge asteroid will fly by near the Earth. So far, he does not pose any danger to us, but his route may change.

Researchers from NASA said they had discovered an asteroid about the size of the pyramid of Giza. According to calculations, the maximum approach to the planet will take place on July 25.

Scientists have already calculated that this asteroid poses no threat to Earth. However, NASA is still tracking such objects – this is an opportunity to learn more data about the early solar system. At the same time, asteroids are rocky fragments, therefore, if their orbits change, the asteroid could pose a danger to the Earth in the future.

The asteroid, dubbed 2008 GO20, will sweep 4.5 million kilometers from Earth. According to preliminary data, the asteroid will move at a speed of 29 thousand km / h.

The size of the asteroid is 97-220 m across. If it flew closer to Earth, then researchers would consider it a potentially dangerous object.

However, the researchers note that this is not the closest known flyby of the asteroid. It happened on August 16, 2020, when 2020 QG swept just 2,950 km over the Indian Ocean. However, it was so small that it did not pose a danger to life on Earth.

At the same time 2008 GO20 is “potentially dangerous”, because over time, the gravitational attraction of the planets can change the path of the object so that it crosses the Earth’s orbit. If this happens, then a collision with our planet is possible in the future, NASA said.