40-year-old Meghan Markle and 39-year-old Kate Middleton have never been particularly close, but after the Dukes of Sussex stepped down from their royal powers and gave a scandalous interview to Oprah Winfrey, Meghan and Kate grew further apart. It is not surprising: in an interview, Megan said that the Duchess of Cambridge brought her to tears on the eve of the wedding with Prince Harry.

However, now, according to insiders, the duchess are ready to forget past grievances and have become very close lately.

Megan and Kate get along well and began to communicate more often. Their relationship had never been this close before. And now they are closer than ever and working on their relationship for the sake of the family, An insider shared with Us Weekly.

The relationship between Princes William and Harry also did not facilitate communication between Kate and Meghan. The older brother was extremely dissatisfied with the behavior of the younger, and, according to rumors, he never liked his wife either. Now a thaw has come in the relations of the grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II, and the birth of Lilibet’s daughter Diana to the Dukes of Sussex has brought the couple even closer to British relatives.

They began to correspond frequently after the birth of Lilibet and became very close due to the fact that both have daughters. Duchesses can’t wait for the cousins ​​to meet each other, told the insider about Megan and Kate.

And another added that the Duchess of Cambridge is actively trying to improve relations with Megan and often sends her cute messages and gifts for her daughter.

By the way, Megan recently launched a new initiative, the 40 x 40 project, which aims to help women find employment. They say that Kate is very interested in him, and she may soon join him. By the way, the cousin of Prince Harry, Princess Eugenia, has already supported this project.