An unmanned vehicle with two machine guns works even with the engine off

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled the latest Rex MK II unmanned ground platform. It is easily adaptable to many ground missions.

The Israeli company has developed a unique unmanned ground platform Rex MK II. It is a multipurpose vehicle that can support infantry in various stages of combat, including transporting ammunition, medical equipment, water, and food. It can also be used to evacuate the wounded. The Rex MK II is not only distinguished by its high payload (1.3 tonnes), it can also be operated with the engine switched off.

The new car is a hybrid – it runs on both diesel and electricity. The Rex MK II is equipped with all-wheel drive and overcomes any obstacle. At the same time, it can be controlled remotely, this requires one operator.

The Rex MK II also comes with remotely controlled weapon systems, including a 7.62mm machine gun and a 0.50 caliber heavy machine gun. According to company representatives, the car performs certain tasks without starting the engine. For example, it evaluates the environment even when turned off. This allows him to remain undetected by enemy troops. To this end, the Rex MK II is equipped with a situational awareness system, which includes optoelectronic sensors and radar to collect intelligence for units on the tactical front.

“The need to support ground forces in the field to carry out a variety of missions while minimizing threats to the lives of soldiers is at the core of our values ​​here at Israel Aerospace Industries. – said Zvika Yarom, general manager of the ground division of IAI “The Rex MK II system is based on the use of our many years of experience with UAVs to bring these technologies into the world of ground vehicles.”

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