In January, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas broke up after a year of a whirlwind romance. Ana recently deleted her Twitter account.

The actress did this is unknown, but her fans do not exclude that such decisive actions may be associated with Ben’s breakup. At the same time, Ana continues to lead Instagram, where she recently showed subscribers her new haircut: the actress changed her image and got rid of long hair, preferring a square with bangs.

The separation of de Armas and Affleck came as a surprise to the couple’s fans since last year the actors showed a tender relationship and shared romantic moments. There was a rumour that the organizers of the premiere of the film “No Time to Die” even thought not to let Affleck and de Armas at the event – they attracted so much attention with their relationship.

In November, the news came that Ben and Ana had unfollowed each other on Instagram. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding between the actors, which they soon settled. But in January, insiders said: Affleck and de Armas broke up for sure.

“Ben doesn’t see Ana anymore. She broke up with him. Their relationship was complicated. Ana doesn’t want to stay in Los Angeles while Ben has to be there because of the kids. It was a mutual and friendly decision. They are now at different stages of life, but they have respect and love for each other. Ben still wants to work on himself. He has three work projects ahead of him and remains a reliable father. They are both happy and contented with the way their lives are developing, ”an insider told People magazine.