The network discusses the relationship between two cinema stars: 32-year-old Ana de Armas and 48-year-old Ben Affleck.

First, there was information that the lovers broke up because they could not decide where they would like to live. Later, the couple’s fans decided that everything was working out when Ana posted her photo with a special pendant around her neck on her personal microblog on Instagram.

The fact is that the decoration in the form of a half of a heart was perceived by many as a symbol of the love of Armas and Affleck – each of them had their own half. Seeing the suspension on the actress, the followers decided that she had renewed her relationship with Ben.

However, as it turned out, the star denied these rumours. She published Stories where the words “No”, “I don’t think so” flash on a black background. Most do not doubt that the actress is referring to rumours of her reconciliation with her ex-boyfriend.

Recall that the celebrities met in 2019 during the filming of the film “Underwater”. Since then, their relationship has been under the scrutiny of the public and the press.