The results of a new court hearing in the case of children have become known.

The ex-wife of Brad Pitt, actress Angelina Jolie has dealt a new, crushing blow to the ex-spouse.

The other day, a regular meeting was held on the case of common children: Pitt insists that he would like to see the children more often and be their guardian. Jolie is sure that children should live with her.

At the last meeting, the actress argued that Judge John W. Oderkirk did not sufficiently highlight the business relationship with Pitt’s lawyers.

As a result, the California Court of Appeals disqualified the private judge by a new ruling on Friday.

According to HollywoodLife, the court decided to consider the actions of the judge separately. In the meantime, Oderkirk was disqualified.

It is not yet clear how Pitt will answer this, however, it is obvious that the actor will not just leave it all.