The actress again provoked a heated discussion of her release.

Angelina Jolie, who continues to share children with her ex-husband, managed to please the paparazzi. The public embarrassment happened at a secular exit. Not so long ago, together with the heirs, Angelina moved to Venice from France, where she carries out her mission as the UN ambassador.

Angie and her children stayed in one of the most luxurious local hotels. At the same time, the star guest travels by water taxi – the most common form of transport here.

At the moment when Jolie got out of the taxi with her daughter Shiloh, the not quite suitable outfit let the actress down. As soon as the wind blew, a maxi dress with an extreme slit to the thigh literally soared upward, exposing the star’s thin legs to the delight of the public and photographers.

Jolie herself, apparently, did not attach any importance to what was happening and calmly continued her march down the street.

“The insidious wind has bared the legs of the beauty!” singer foreign Internet users.