Anne Hathaway recently attended Live! with Kelly & Ryan, where she first named her child – the actress’s son is named Jack.

Ann gave birth to her second child in November 2019. For several months, the actress and her husband Adam Shulman carefully concealed any information about the child and protected him from paparazzi lenses. However, thanks to an insider, it still became known that the couple had a son.

Hathaway spoke about pregnancy in the summer of 2019. She noted that getting pregnant the second time was just as difficult for her as the first, and she had to go through “real hell” before she and Adam could conceive.

Every time I tried to get pregnant, nothing worked. At the same time, everyone around me became pregnant. I understood that this was not happening to spite me, but, I must confess, it was like that. Sometimes it seems that everyone will become mothers except you. I want people with such a problem to know that I also went through this, I also could not get pregnant, and in my pregnancy, there were not only happy moments, – Anne shared.