Celebrating another wedding anniversary almost ended for Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher with a conflict. Now the actress recalls this story with a laugh, but then the situation was quite tense.

Every year on July 4, Kutcher and Kunis celebrate their wedding day. For the last time, the star couple did not think too much and decided to buy fireworks. Kunis and Kutcher were going to launch rockets on the beach in the company of their own children – daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri.

Then the spouses could not imagine that something would go wrong.

“We started to launch the mentioned fireworks. There was no one on the beach, everything exploded, and then suddenly the rockets looked like bars from the grate! And then this appears, ”- then Kunis jumped up, crossed her arms over her chest, and frowned, parodying the TV presenter and comedian O’Brian who had suddenly come to the beach.

As it turned out, the humorist himself came to the water to find out what exactly explodes in the territory that he considers his own. The latter began to scold Kutcher and Kunis, noting that they were launching fireworks illegally.

“My husband bought the fireworks legally. Moreover, they were intended for children and were safe, ”- quotes the words of Kunis Daily Mail.

Fortunately, the spouses managed to come to an agreement with O’Brian, but as soon as the stars met face to face, the situation surfaced again. O’Brien did not fail to remind Mila of the story when the actress became a guest of his program.