The company is also exploring the possibility of cooperation between Yahoo and Twitter.

The American management company Apollo Global Management is considering the possibility of facilitating an attempt to acquire Twitter. This was reported on Monday by The Wall Street Journal newspaper, citing sources.

According to their information, Apollo can provide the necessary loan for the tender to entrepreneur Elon Musk, who previously offered more than $41 billion for Twitter, or other possible buyers. Apollo is also exploring the possibility of cooperation between Yahoo, of which it is the owner, and Twitter.

Reuters reported on April 14 that Musk, who recently became the largest shareholder of Twitter, offered to buy the operator of the social network of the same name for $41.39 billion ($54.2 per share). According to the agency, Twitter’s board of directors intends to carefully consider this proposal in order to determine the course of action that will best serve the interests of the company and its shareholders. According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Musk owns 9.2% of Twitter shares. On April 11, he decided not to join the company’s board of directors.