IFixit experts got to the new AirPods 3 headphones, along the way appreciating another new Apple product – Beats Fit Pro.

Why did you decide to combine the two models in one review? Because both of them are “disposable”, that is, it is impossible to repair them. Given the small size, a “sandwich” of components is hidden inside the headphones, which includes thin cables, microcircuits and a battery for each headphone.

Removing the battery is a rather complicated process. To do this, iFixit had to use a vise to apply pressure and break the adhesive seal, as well as to squeeze a cutter between two plastic plates.

Although in both cases the experts got to the batteries, these manipulations caused irreparable damage to the headphones. That is, after disassembly, it is impossible to assemble AirPods 3 and Beats Fit Pro.

Therefore, both new Apple products deservedly received 0 points out of 10 for maintainability.