Apple and Google have presented joint tool to track infected coronavirus. It will not violate the privacy of user data.

The Apple and Google engineering teams have joined forces to create a decentralized tool to track users who may have been in contact with patients infected with the coronavirus. This will help health authorities monitor the spread of the disease and inform people at risk.

The first phase of the project is an API that public health institutions can integrate into their own applications. The next step is a system of contact tracking at the system level, which will work on devices running iOS and Android.

The system uses the transmission of an anonymous identifier over short distances using Bluetooth. These signals are random strings of numbers that other nearby smartphones store in device memory.

One of the main measures to curb the spread of coronavirus is tracking, it allows authorities to control the location of infected people and stop their contacts with other people. Contact tracing has already proven effective in many countries around the world, but activists believe this violates privacy.