It looks like Apple will have to pay for the decision to remove the charger from its smartphones.

In the Brazilian state of São Paulo, the company was fined almost $2 million. By removing the charger from the kit, Apple violated the Consumer Protection Act, Procon-SP, the Sao Paulo consumer protection agency, explained.

Back in December, Procon-SP representatives warned the company that selling an iPhone without a charger in a box is a violation of the Consumer Code. To which Apple said that many have old adapters, so there is no need for a new one.

Following the imposition of the fine, Procon-SP stressed that the company must respect and understand Brazilian consumer protection laws and institutions.

In addition to the lack of charging, Apple recalled a few more “sins”. Firstly, it is water resistance, which is declared in new models, starting with the iPhone 7. However, the company refuses to repair devices damaged by water, even if they are under warranty. Thus, customers are misled.

Second, Apple is also accused of deliberately slowing down older phones with iOS updates in order to entice customers to buy newer models.

But Apple still has the option to appeal the fine.