The production of these cars can begin as early as 2024 at the Kia enterprise in West Point.

Apple is close to an agreement with South Korean companies Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motor on the joint release of a self-driving car with an electric motor in the United States. CNBC reported this.

According to his sources, we are talking about the release of electric cars under the Apple brand. It is assumed that the corporation, in particular, will be responsible for the development of software and hardware.

The production of these cars can begin as early as 2024 at the Kia plant in West Point (Georgia). It is possible that the start of production may be postponed.

The sources noted that the final agreements between the companies have not yet been reached. Official confirmations from their representatives have not yet been received. According to the TV channel, Apple may decide to work on this project with other automotive companies.

The publication emphasizes that Apple intends to launch the production of cars that a computer will control without the participation of a driver. According to the channel, this may mean that electric cars will, in particular, be used for delivery or as a taxi.

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